Your PCC 

Ex-Officio Members
Vicar: The Rev’d Simon Dommett
Assistant Curate: The Rev’d Marcus Ottaviani 
Colin Last
Cathy Sanderson till June 2022
Nesta Gedrych from June 2022

Licensed Readers:
Michael Furlong
Cathy Sanderson
Susan Lane from September 2022

Deanery Synod Representatives:
Sue Lennon
Elected Members

Chris Jones (elected in 2020 for three years)
Brian Backhouse (elected in 2020 for three years)
Nick Fowler (elected in 2020 for three years)
Colin Last (elected in 2020 for three years)
DJ Wilkinson (elected in 2021 for three years)
Chris Hjelt (elected in 2021 for three years)
Sarah Collinson (elected in 2021 for three years) (Secretary)
Debbie Richardson (elected in 2022 for three years)
Geoff Abbott (elected in 2022 for three years) Treasurer
Alan Bates  (elected in 2022 for three years)
Susan Lane (elected in 2022 for three years)

PCC Policies

Safer use of Images and Streaming
Environmental Policy
Lone working
Anti-Bullying and Harassment
Data Privacy Notice

St Mary Goldington